Droid Builder Web Team

In 2020, I formed the Droid Builder Web Team with some like minded Droid Builders. I had so many ideas of different things that could benefit the Droid Building Community but I was struggling with motivation, experience and overall knowledge to do this on my own. I had already spoken to a couple of people who worked in a similar industry to me discussing my various ideas and confirming that my ideas were huge and crazy but they certainly would be a huge benefit if they worked.

At the time of writing this, we are a six member team that work extremely well together and are constantly bouncing ideas off each other coming up with great things we can build. I don't see myself as any sort of leader of this team, we are all equal members who have an equal say in what we do. I often get asked questions like "what do we get out of it?" and the answer is simple. 

We get a huge buzz knowing that something that we made is greatly benefiting the community from the senior experience builders who have been around since day one and the people who have just joined the community today.


Some of the things we have built will be updated here once released but please visit our website for full details on our projects.

Central Droid Wiki

Taking inspiration from the Astromech.net wiki, we created the Central Droid Wiki as a way to unite all Builder Clubs under one place to share their droids information on an equal platform.

Printed Parts Checklist

Designed and Built for MrBaddeleys Printed Droids Facebook group, this web application is built to contain parts checklists for all of Michael's 3D Printed Droids allowing users to track the parts they've printed and their overall progress.

39.1% Virtual Droid Racing

After success of a 39.1% Droid Racing during R2UK 2019 and with the Covid_19 Pandemic of 2020, a virtual 39.1% racing game was create for DBUK 2020.

Artoo - The Discord Bot

Something fun we created for the Droid Builder Discord Server. Artoo has many functions including welcoming new members, telling jokes, quoting movies and more.

Droid Builder Portal

We have build a dedicated Droid Builder Portal. This allows users to find all of their own information and droids including MOTs, PLI Status, Events, Links to other groups and guides and it the central hub for Builders.

Where to find us

We have a couple of ways you can get in touch with us. Mostly we use our Facebook page to post our latest updates contact people however we have a website that is in development but in the mean time you can either use our Facebook page or drop us an Email using the icons below!