In 2020, I was browsing through the various Facebook groups reading up on some posts and something that I commonly saw was many members asking various questions. These questions in different groups were usually the same questions and I thought to myself, "There should be something written down for new members to refer to which would answer these questions". 

From there, the New Builder Guides were created. I started off with the most common one I saw at the time which were Control Systems. The guides were written mostly for New Builders but also for those experienced builders who many not be aware of other options available. 

The guides are written by my own research and asking for experience within the community. I will often post on forums and in groups asking for peoples opinions on various things to make sure this guide is written by the builders, for the builders. So far the feedback I have received from my guides have been very positive and I will continue to make guides that benefit the community.

You can view and download my guides below.

New Builder Guides

The World of Electronics


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Last Update: 25/02/2021

The World of Electronics was written to give builders an overview of the various things you will come across when you deal with droid electronics. Electronics is something most new builders fear and it is my hope that guide helps to point you in the right direction to learn more as well as answer many of the initial questions you may have.

New Builder Guide


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Last Update: 25/02/2021

The New Builder Guide was written to help guide in new members to the Droid Building Community. With dedicated sections covering almost every area, it was answers to the most common questions every new builder asks. Where to go, who to talk to, which sites to register on etc can all be found in this guide.

Control System Guide


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Last Update: 25/02/2021

The Control System Guide was written to give all types of builders a look into the different ways you can control your droid from R2-D2s to Mouse Droids and BB-8s. This guide gives honest pros and cons of each system as well comments from the builders who use them.

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